Social Management

Pairing The Right Objective 


Do you find yourself pouring money into ad campaigns that seemingly get you no where? We understand that dashboards can be too confusing for people with little to no advertising experience. Our social team finds people who have an intent to use a particular product or service. With hundreds of different touch points on social media we work to reduce your cost per acquisition of a customer and drive new business your way. 



Campaign Types 

• Facebook Lead Ads
• Facebook: Fan, Engagement, Video, Clicks   
• Instagram: Video, Click

• Twitter: Follower, Engagement, Clicks, Leads
• Facebook Dynamic Product Ads  
• Retargeting Through Custom Audiences


Newsfeed Advertising    

When you're placing your business in the newsfeed of your target audience it's important to not only take into consideration who you are reaching, but how. There are numerous kinds of campaign types you can run based on your marketing objective. Our social media specialists will help you plan a meaningful campaign based on your marketing objective that will decrease cost per conversions. From planning to execution, we will target your audience with accuracy, run multiple A/B tests and provide full comprehensive reporting.


social stat

In 2011 80% of the reach on Facebook by business pages were organic, now only 2%-16% is organic reach. The platform constantly develops new ways to engage with customers. While you now are encouraged to pay to reach an audience, you have the opportunity to reach outside of your current fan base to an even more highly targeted audience.