America's true pastime  

When we talk about television we’re not talking about the TV your grandparents grew up with, we’re talking about the new age of television viewing. Almost every household in America has a television set and people are spending more time using it than ever before. This includes broadcast, cable, and over-the-top (OTT) platform viewing. While television continues to evolve the ability to reach the masses, the data behind television viewing is granular and offers many of the same audience targeting features that most think online channels can only deliver. When we talk about the digital age television is part of the conversation. Brands benefit most from television’s dominant pervasiveness and ability to use sight, sound and emotion to leave a lasting impression on viewers.



The everywhere medium 

Some call this medium television’s cousin and with more than 15,000 radio stations across the country and the growth in satellite and streaming radio it’s a medium you can’t ignore. From your car, to your hair salon, to your favorite store and restaurant it’s quite literally everywhere. That’s why when the Radio Advertising Bureau did a study they found that 62 percent of shoppers listened to radio 13 minutes before purchase. The oldest electronic advertising medium has remained powerful with its local appeal and targeted audiences. The ability to create a visual image in the listeners mind with a high frequency and flexible messaging continues to influence consumer behaviors and the media culture we live in.


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